About Us

Hello and welcome to the Hammock Haven store.

My name is Aimee, I have been sewing my own hammocks for several years due to my family having a range of animals including small animals.

We found that small animal bedding was difficult to find at affordable prices as well as being concerned about the safety of some materials.

Hammock Haven was started to produce quality, affordable and safe small animal bedding, hammocks and accessory product options for Australian small animals keepers.
I make a range of products (hammocks and cage liners) that are created from ideas and designs that we have found our animals like to use.
The items are not factory made, I make them using a personal sewing machine so there are some slight variations in the designs but that also makes each item unique.
I make a range of products that vary in price in order to be able to supply to most budgets. The cheaper options tend to be thinner polar fleece (the main material use in all our products) but still work well for the animals they are designed for. The higher priced items are usually thicker polar fleece and are a little less likely to stretch and will withstand gnawing behaviors a little better.
I also use thicker hanging tabs on the fleece hammocks to reduce stretch at the anchor points as well as holding up better to inquisitive little mouths.
For the thinner fabrics i use ribbon tabs which suits the thinner materials better and keeps them less bulky.

Although i generally do not sew to order, if you don't find a suitable item for the small animals you keep please let me know as I may be able to design something to suit.

I have also added new lines that include accessories, mental stimulation and heating/cooling option.

I hope you enjoy viewing my shop. I look forward to providing you and your fur family members with some fun, quality and useful items.