Frequently Asked Questions.

Why are your hammocks so cheap?
Here at Hammock Haven we try to source discounted or materials on special so we can offer more affordable items. If we save, you save!

Why do similar items differ in pricing?
For the same reason we offer some products at cheaper rates. If we save on material costs we pass this saving onto our customers by reducing the hammock price accordingly.

Why don't all your hammocks have thick or reinforced tabs?
Thick or reinforced tabs are great for fleece hammocks as it add to their durability as fleece hammocks are generally safe even if chewed a little however the same can't be said for flannelette or cotton. We feel that adding extra cost to cover the thicker tabs on less durable fabric is not in the best interest of the customer. Usually the flannelette and cotton hammocks get chewed before the tabs (although this isn't guaranteed) at which point the hammock shouldn't be reused as flannelette and cotton both thread off and tear when chewed which can cause medical issues if the small animals get caught up in the threads.

What's the difference between the hammock types?
We use 3 material types :
Polar Fleece - Warm for in winter, durable, will not thread off, will not tear and can be used even some holes are created.
Flannelette - Medium warmth, more durable than cotton but less than fleece, will tear and thread off if chewed and shouldn't be reused if holes have been created.
Cotton - Light weight and cooler for the summer months, not very durable but doesn't stretch, will tear and thread off is chewed and shouldn't be used if holes have been created.

What are the postage costs for orders?
We use Australia Post for our posting requirements. Postage depends on weight and size of the articles and also customer location. Our cart will give you a postage price before you need to confirm your order.
We occasionally offer free post  offers for our Australian customer.

What do you use to make cage liners?
We use 2 layers of polar fleece with a middle layer of toweling for added absorbency. The toweling is stitched into place to stop it from moving during normal washing. The toweling also adds extra weight which helps hold the liner in place.

Why don't you have pre-made cage liners?
Due to the varying cage designs and sizes available we prefer to make liners for the specific needs of the customer.

Do you accept custom orders?
Yes we do accept custom orders. The time it takes to fulfill the order varies though. We try to give our customer a rough guideline to how long it will take but on occasion the order may be completed earlier or a little later than planned. We stay in touch to let you know if any issues arise.

Are there any additional fees for custom orders?

Are your hammocks suitable for animals like Ferrets?
Yes although some items may be too small. We recommend you look at the larger style hammocks like the Rectangular Cube (http://www.hammockhaven.com.au/cube/rectangular-cube), Large U-Tube Flat (http://www.hammockhaven.com.au/u-tube-flat/flat-large-u-tube), Large Envelope (http://www.hammockhaven.com.au/envelope/envelope-large), Swing Sling (http://www.hammockhaven.com.au/envelope/Swing-Sling-Hammock), Large Flat (http://www.hammockhaven.com.au/flat/large-flat) and Standard Peek A boo (http://www.hammockhaven.com.au/peek-a-boo/standard-peek-a-boo-hammock).

Can i buy material and get you to do a custom order using that material?
No is the simple answer however in some cases it may be possible however there will still be charges to cover the cost of the wear on my machine, needles, thread and my time.

Can you hold an order for me?
We understand the financial strain many are under but due to previously holding orders for people and then having them cancel orders days/weeks after the order was held we no longer offer to do this as we are potentially missing out on sales if we offer to hold stock for people. Maybe consider a layby plan?

Will you do a layby or payment plan for me?
We are happy to work with you on organising a payment plan where the order will be paid off within a reasonable amount of time. Please contact us before placing your order so we can sort out the details.

Why are pre-order prices cheaper than normal pricing?
On the items that we have offered a pre-order price we have had to order a mass amount to be able to offer this product to you. Like most, we are not rolling in money so our way to be able to offer these unusual or hard to find items is to order them at a cost to ourselves (usually several hundred dollars). As a way to recoup some of the cost we offer a reduced price to pre-order which means little actual profit for us or our time but does allow our customers that pre-order and save the chance to be the first to get the product.
Pre-order pricing usually is only offered until the stock arrives and MUST be paid prior to this.